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What Makes A Great Nurse’s Aide?

Having a great personality can make a job as a nurse’s aide much more rewarding, for both you and your patients. A big part of your job will be dealing with people – not just patients, but their family and friends, as well as other staff, and being a “people person” is one of the main job requirements.

Your patients will feel reassured if they truly believe that you’re a compassionate person, and if you are, it will come across during your interactions with others. Your patients will also feel a lot better if you’re a confident and optimistic person, always looking on the bright side.

As a nurse’s aide, it’s also important that you carry out your tasks on time, and in a responsible way. It’s not one of those jobs where you can routinely cut corners, or not bother to do things correctly or efficiently.

Being able to follow instructions, as well as give them, clearly are also important job requirements. It’s acceptable to ask questions if something isn’t 100 percent clear, but a nurse’s aide is given instructions constantly throughout the day and needs to be able to act on them.

Some nurse’s aides are young. However, the role really comes with so much responsibility that the ideal aide is either a mature person or behaves maturely.

Nobody is perfect, and a nurse’s aide is going to make errors, just like everybody else. However, it’s important to acknowledge your errors and learn from them, to prevent the same thing from happening in the future. Don’t blame other people for an error or lack of judgment which is clearly yours.

A career as a nurse’s aide can be demanding, yet rewarding. If the traits above sound just like you, the job of a nurse’s aide may well be the perfect job for you.

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