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When Home Care Is Not Enough

Knowing when to choose between home care and a nursing facility is, without a doubt, challenging. Maintaining independence and staying in the home is the aim for many elderly with and without disabilities. It’s easy to understand why this is a goal since most people are more at ease in their own place. Staying in the home as long as possible ensures the freedom and comfort to which senior citizens have grown accustom.

Oftentimes, the family will rally around the elder family member who wants to maintain independence by staying in the home. If your family is fortunate this might be a possibility, but the reality for many is that this is not possible. Arranging around-the-clock care is difficult.

Unfortunately, many seniors have to eventually come to the reality that staying at home is no longer possible. This becomes evident when everyday tasks become very difficult. Cooking and cleaning cannot be done safely. Personal hygiene becomes complicated and even dangerous with slick bathroom surfaces.

Around-the-clock home care is an option, but even this presents challenges. The in-home support or caregiver can become over worked and overwhelmed. Standard homes are not designed for this type of care and can present dangerous obstacles for home staff.

When caring for someone at home becomes too difficult, nursing homes are a good alternative. Constant care is provided by the staff that’s usually trained and certified. Well-balanced dishes are prepared for each meal. Activities designed to stimulate the mind are carried out daily.

As mentioned before, the staff is typically certified and trained, which minimizes injury and risk to residents. However, the facilities are also designed with caregiving in mind. This also minimizes potential injuries and difficulties presented by the design of a residential home. Medications are also safely administered by trained staff.

If you’re overwhelmed by the care needed by an elderly family member, you can find help. It’s important to help seniors maintain independence, but not at the cost of their health. When that time comes, sometimes home care is just not enough.

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  1. Christine Troup says:

    Weighing the option of spending some quality time with your elderly family members and handing them over to a nursing home can be really difficult. But if none of your family members know how to properly take care of your elderly, it’s a no-brainer to bring them to a nursing home. The personnel there are properly trained, meaning your family member will be given adequate care.

  2. Vicki says:

    This post is absolutely true. If you are having some troubles taking care of your elderly family member, don’t hesitate to ask some help from the pros. It will save a lot of time and they will give topnotch care.

  3. Francis M. says:

    We all can relate to it, we all want to spend time to our elderly family members. But if you can’t take care of them, it’s really necessary to bring them to a nursing home. I mean, there’s nothing to worry about. They have a companion and they are professionally taken care of.

  4. Adelaide McDougal says:

    It’s a tough decision, I know. But if you really don’t have the time and the skills to take care of your elderly, it’s better to let them stay in nursing homes.

  5. Trisha Moore says:

    I agree with this. Don’t force it. If you have no skills to take care of them, then bring them into a nursing home. It will be a lot easier for you and for them. A professional will take care of them so don’t worry about anything.

  6. Delia Hyde says:

    When you don’t have the time to take care of your elderly, the perfect option is to bring them in the nursing home. By bringing them here, you’ll have zero worries about their safety and well-being because they are being taken care of a professional.

  7. Kim Engebretson says:

    I personally agree with this post because I can relate with it. Elderly people need delicate care so it’s reasonable to hire a professional if you can’t give them the care they need. This decision will surely benefit you and the person that you’re taking care of.

  8. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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