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Why Becoming A CNA Is a Great Start to Becoming an RN

A career as a Registered Nurse (RN) is one of the more reputable and well paying in the health care industry. While it is possible to become RN directly, it is better to start out with CNA career before becoming a RN. A CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) is a professional in the healthcare sector charged with the tasks of offering assistance to clients or patients who need personalized care and are under supervision of RN or LPN.

Many would consider it easier to start at the top level by becoming an RN directly. The fact is that it is easier and saves time, but you will be missing what it takes to make a good RN career. Here are the reasons why it is better to start with a CNA career before becoming an RN or LPN.

Knowledge and deeper understanding

The key to offering great services to your patients is to know them well by close interaction. If you start out as a CNA, you will have more time to spend with patients offering them care and compassion. By bathing, dressing and feeding needy patients, you will develop a personalized relationship with each of them. Most RN’s and LPN’s do not have these skills.

It is very rewarding

Currently being a CNA is a career in itself. If you start out as a CNA, you will enter the payroll and earn a decent, rewarding salary, which can enable you to pay for your degree in nursing. This is because there is increasing demand for CNA’s because of the growing population of the elderly who need personalized care. Furthermore, you have job satisfaction and this in itself is very rewarding.

Head-start in RN training

When training as a CNA, you will learn many of the techniques used in patient care, and even perform them. You will already know how to read charts, take vital signs and interpret them and enter information in the charts. You will also be proficient in changing wound dressings and assist in basic tasks such as catheter and IV insertions. Those who go straight into RN programs do not have these advantages.

High levels of competitiveness

As a registered nurse with prior training and experience in a CNA career, you will be highly competitive in the job market. You will likely be given the first consideration because of your experience, and you may be paid higher than those who trained from the level of RN.

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