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Why CNA Training Is A Good Start To Becoming An RN

CNA training has its benefits for anyone wanting to become an RN. You may be wondering why CNA training is a good start to becoming an RN. Wouldn’t it be easier to start off at the top level and learn from there?

The simple answer is… “Yes, it would be easier” but you would not have the experience that could build you into a better nurse, a nurse with more compassion, and a nurse that sees what it’s like at all levels of care giving.

Learning the Levels

The first reason that becoming a CNA is a good toward an RN degree, is knowledge. As a CNA, you start out with the very thing that nurses do, which is offering care and compassion to patients. You feed, dress, and bathe, your patients. You get to know them on a very personal level that many LPN’s and RN’s in nursing homes and care facilities do not. You know them as people and not just as patients. You learn the level of care it takes to make a patient feel like a person.

On the Job Experience

As a CNA student, you will learn different techniques that others may not. In fact, most students who start out as CNAs have an advantage over students who went straight into RN programs. You will already know how to read charts, perform basic vital stat checks, and how to enter information into charts properly. You will also learn how to change wound dressings, assist in basic tasks, such as IVs and catheter placement. You will also learn terminology that will give you the upper hand during your RN courses.

Networking Options

As a CNA, you will have the networking that an RN student will not. You will know who is hiring and you may already have a job lined up in the same facility you currently work in. You will be able to find jobs easier, and your resume will already be created. You will have experience. That is something that a student who went straight to the RN program will not have.

If you want to know why CNA training is a good start to becoming an RN, consider the benefits. You are paid to train rather than paying to train. You also get a chance to see if the job is for you. You have the chance to work with nurses who have been in the field for years. Look at your CNA training as on the job training with a paid internship bonus. Explore it, learn it, and see what doors it can open for you on your way to becoming an RN.

7 Responses so far.

  1. Cecily S. says:

    I completely agree that as a CNA student, you will have more job experience and bigger networking chances compare to an RN student. Also, it will take 1-2 years faster to be a licensed CNA and you can start your real job immediately.

  2. Konstantin says:

    I believe it’s a great opportunity for the youth.Quite beneficial offer and quite perspective!

  3. Sunil says:

    Thank you for your information. Actually at this time i am dilemma to choose about CNA or RN. After reading this article i got complete idea to choose my career.

  4. Reyna says:

    The article is really spot on about the benefits of doing the CNA training. “You are paid to train rather than paying to train.” This sentence is very well put.

  5. ruthy says:

    very informative article. now i know all the benefits of starting with CNA. this can go a long way in helping those who were in thedilemma of chosing

  6. Marcel says:

    Really helpful article. I was wondering about this. This helped a lot. CNA sounds like a good choice.

  7. It’s remarkable for me to have a web site, which
    is beneficial in support of my knowledge. thanks admin

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