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Why You Should Become an HHA

Working as an HHA could be the career you are looking for if you want to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Although some Home Health Aides work with people with disabilities, the majority provide care for the elderly. Today’s seniors typically prefer living out their lives in their own homes and that means there’s a greater need for dedicated, well trained Home Health Aides, and that trend continues to increase.

Healthy seniors that still need assistance each day, but do not require the services of a skilled nursing home, find that they can get the help they need from an HHA.

Some of the services provided by these skilled nurse aides are helping seniors bathe, get dressed, follow doctor prescribed medication regimens, and prepare nutritious meals and ensure they eat.

Companionship is something else HHAs provide to their senior patients. It may be that all they need is a little time talking to someone with a listening ear, or to have you read to them, but companionship is a valuable asset to elderly individuals.

Home Health Aides are sometimes asked to run errands for the seniors in their care. Your duties may involve picking up mail at a nearby post office, shopping for groceries or taking clothes to the cleaner.

It’s important that HHAs maintain accurate records of the senior’s health and behavior as well as follow instructions well. They must also note any changes in the appropriate notebook. This provides the supervising nurse along with the patient’s physician with information required to track their progress.

Elderly people must have a safe and healthy home environment if they are to live out their later years healthier and happier. As a Home Health Aide, you will be responsible for helping the senior you are working with to stay healthy and safe.

You and the seniors you provide care for will both benefit from the training you receive for your new career. This could be the most rewarding time of your life too.

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